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Wedding & Elopement

Why our packages stand out

  • We include a hand painted stylized wedding portrait of the two of you that can be upgraded for a live wedding painter!

  • Free engagement shoot with every wedding package

  • All shoots are personally edited within 1 month by your photographer. You will receive a sneak peek in 1 week!

  • No travel fees in the Black Hills

  • We create a itinerary for every client based on their personal visions and ideas. Let's have fun!!

  • You are given personal rights to all the edited photos, and can print wherever you'd like, as well as our online store

Why we stand out

  • We are an adventurous rock climbing couple who knows all the hidden dream locations

  • Consistent quality as we have the same two photographers at every shoot

  • Our unique style emphasizes the beauty and tones of your wedding day! 

  • We are always down to hike and get our hands dirty if you are! We love exploring your relationship through the adventures of the Black Hills!

  • We are very driven, easy going, meticulous individuals, whom will capture your day with beautiful artistic vision

Photogarphy in Black Hills

Custom Wedding Painting

Featured on the left is the classic stylized wedding portrait that comes with each of our packages!

Looking to add something unique to your wedding day? Featured on the right is the live wedding portrait! Shalayne will come to your wedding and paint in front of your guests, capturing the energy and beauty of your day!

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